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Date:2020-01-16 22:18:47
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Best lyrics in the history of heavy metal. Majestica - Above The Sky
FKA Reinxeed

Start with a D, then go to an F
The C will lead to G three more times
Then the verse is built before the chorus come
This time the bridge is different from before
Like something flying free
Guitars playing fast and the bass as well
With beats from the drum

Those are killer lyrics when they're sung. What he's saying is I could put any old crap I want in this verse, and it's still going to sound awesome. It doesn't have to read awesome to be good.

I like classic literature and prefer authors who have been dead for 100 years, except for Bernard Cornwell. But I have no problem reading the latest stuff from Grisham or Baldacci. Some of it feels like it could have been generated by a computer, where a Dumas feels like he emptied his entire soul on the page.

Short form music isn't suited for comparisons to literature. I like Shadow Gallery Carved in Stone because it was a concept album hidden in a regular album unlike Tyranny which was more of a straight up in your face standard concept album, but that's a rare exception where the lyrics jump out at me as exceptionally good. Even though they're completely and totally theologically wrong.

The voice is an instrument. If they sing something interesting, all the better. But as shown by the Majestica lyrics that I love, I'm not expecting or particularly moved by the words. Allegedly Bob Dylan and Tom Waits are exceptional writers and lyricists but they sing like ass so I have no interest in parsing it down into poetry or whatever.

Bottom line: I agree with some of your premises - Arch can't sing, drummers are superfluous, and screaming, shouting, barking, growling, rapping, screeching all ought to be replaced by someone singing something instead.
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