Re: At the risk of starting a huge argument...

Date:2020-01-16 17:12:36
In Reply To:Re: At the risk of starting a huge argument... by Matt Johnsen
You like Michael Monroe, who I'd say is both a terrible singer AND lyricist, but I'm not about to suggest he's doing art wrong!
I'm only a fan of his last two albums, which he wrote very little of, but that's pedantic. No, I wouldn't say the lyrics on those albums are great. There are plenty of lines in them I think are horrible. I don't think I've said at any point the lyrics have to be masterful for me to enjoy music. I would like them to be, but I know they won't. Some lousy poetry doesn't stop me from enjoying songs.
I think you're saying death metal bands are doing art wrong
I would phrase it as I think many of their singers don't put in the effort to do it as best they can.

Let's take Glen Benton. Around the time of "The Stench Of Redemption", he was growling in a way that was extremely garbled (even though songs like the title track are great - yes, I like it!). On a later record (I think it was "To Hell With God"), he was growling with extreme clarity, proving he could do it. The fact that he could, and chose not to, is why I would say his performances in that middle time were lazy.
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