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Date:2020-01-16 17:02:15
In Reply To:Re: Question For Everyone RE: Lyrics by Matt Johnsen
So basically, you can't find the worth in classical music, most opera, most jazz, etc.
Instrumental music is a completely different beast. My problem isn't a lack of lyrics, or vocals, it's when there are lyrics but they can't be understood. I consider that a very different issue. I don't see the logic in including parts in a song that can't be heard or understood by the audience (another reason that recent Baroness album is terrible - so many of the details of the playing are buried in the muddy mix).

I'm simply saying if something is in a song, it should be presented as well as possible.
it's usually quite simple to read the lyrics while listening and to then actually understand what is being sung!
Yes, but I don't believe I should have to do part of the singer's job for him/her. Also, I have run across plenty of albums where the lyrics aren't included, so even that would be impossible.
(although correct me if I'm wrong, but you write for a horror magazine, right?)
I used to, but that was almost five years ago at this point.
there is not a melodic singer on earth who could better capture the abject horror of the described experience than van Drunen does.
Maybe not, but as I said before, it's not the growling/screaming itself that's at issue.
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