Re: At the risk of starting a huge argument...

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2020-01-16 16:25:01
In Reply To:Re: At the risk of starting a huge argument... by Nosferatwo
He puts incredible care into his delivery, that's why it's often hard to understand him. His lyrics are sometimes hard to pick out, not because he doesn't enunciate, but because his phrasing is very unorthodox and he makes the words fit into his exotic melodies and phrasing, choosing to sacrifice the clarity of the words in order to create his inimitable style of singing.
That is entirely illogical. He cares so much that it comes out sounding terrible? I'll give you that he cares about hitting the notes, but he's still doing something wrong if his words and his phrasings don't fit together. He seems to have shown no care in that regard.
This is a fair point, such as it is, but it's a pretty weak argument against Arch. Without knowing exactly what it is, I bet if you named your all-time favorite song based on the lyrics, I could probably ask, "With lyrics this great, shouldn't they have made a better effort on the instrumentation to match?"

I personally don't have any trouble following his lyrics when Arch sings. I don't need the lyrics in most (but admittedly not all cases). He does somewhat mangle the natural rhythm of the words as they would be spoken, but that might well be a deliberate choice. The poetry of Wallace Stevens was crafted to deliberately impede easy reading, so who's to say Arch didn't have something similar in mind? I suspect, thought, that Arch wrote his lyrics and then found a way to shoehorn them into his melodies, as you suggest, but maybe not. The fact that many, many people love both his lyrics and his delivery should suggest that the problem is on your end. You like Michael Monroe, who I'd say is both a terrible singer AND lyricist, but I'm not about to suggest he's doing art wrong! I mean, I would absolutely say such a thing, but what I'd mean by it is, "In my opinion that guy sucks, which I recognize is a provocative statement to make to someone who likes him, but I do this in order to start a conversation about music, which is usually fun." That, I don't think, is the subtext of your questions about lyrics. I think you're saying death metal bands are doing art wrong.

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