Re: At the risk of starting a huge argument...

Date:2020-01-16 13:39:24
In Reply To:Re: At the risk of starting a huge argument... by Michael Blevins
Except, of course, this isn't a movie. The music and melodies are the primary motivation in this particular art form.
Not being the primary motivation doesn't mean they can be treated as an afterthought. Going back to the movie analogy, if you have a great plot and great dialogue, but the entire movie is shot slightly out focus, that's not something we can, or should, ignore.
Pretty sure Dave G. answered this for you. There's nothing lazy about it.
He gave an answer, but it was an admission that Arch can do better and chooses not to. Hence, lazy.
Regardless, are you this anal about everything you consume?
When something is obviously deficient, yes.
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