Re: At the risk of starting a huge argument...

Date:2020-01-16 09:26:03
In Reply To:Re: At the risk of starting a huge argument... by Nosferatwo

Irony: In an attempt to be provocative, you use one of the better lyricists in metal. Interesting choice.
That's a reason I used him. Listening to his records (I've heard both albums, with Matheos), I have no idea his prowess, simce I can't understand 2/3 of what he says. If he puts such care into the writing, I don't get why he doesn't put similar care itnto hos delivery.
He puts incredible care into his delivery, that's why it's often hard to understand him. His lyrics are sometimes hard to pick out, not because he doesn't enunciate, but because his phrasing is very unorthodox and he makes the words fit into his exotic melodies and phrasing, choosing to sacrifice the clarity of the words in order to create his inimitable style of singing.
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