Re: Question For Everyone RE: Lyrics

Date:2020-01-15 21:30:12
In Reply To:Re: Question For Everyone RE: Lyrics by Matt Johnsen
Thought experiment: take the song you love most, lyrically, and imagine those lyrics were written in a language you don't understand, but with an equivalent measure of poetry (as it is generally understood to speakers of that language.) Has the music lost all value?
All value, no. Much of it, yes. I'm thinking on a fundamental level, it's harder (for me, at least) to have a tangible connection to a guitar solo as opposed to a well-articulated thought. I can take the words and apply them to myself, even if I interpret them differently than the author intended. A purely instrumental bit lacks the humanity of a shared language and an expression of life's realities.

A great lyric can say something I had been thinking in a way I wouldn't have come up with. I can't say a drum beat will ever stir my mind to deep contemplation.

Firstly, they MIGHT care, and they MIGHT think their lyrics are great!
Which brings me back to the fight in the thread below: If lyrics are important to a band, why would they present them in a way where they can't be heard or understood? Burying them implies, to me, they don't care if we hear them or not.
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