Re: Recommendations for: Southern Rock/Metal?

Author:Michael Blevins
Date:2019-11-22 21:08:35
In Reply To:Recommendations for: Southern Rock/Metal? by Mitch
Blackberry Smoke - very much in the Allmans vein with modern touches. The earlier albums are better, IMO, but their whole catalog is pretty good.

Classic artists:
LeRoux - First five records, especially "No Safe Place".

Marshall Tucker Band - First 7 records (all the Capricorn albums), although really only the first two and "Carolina Dreams" are "essential".

The Outlaws - You could debate this endlessly, but I stop at 1980's "Ghost Riders". Really, you can live with the first record and the first live album ("Bring it Back Alive"), but all of their albums through "Los Hombres Malo" have at least something good on them.

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