Re: That's it. I am not buying any more CDs.

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2019-11-15 05:38:23
In Reply To:Re: That's it. I am not buying any more CDs. by Nosferatwo
We're steadily moving towards a condition where a band's primary consumer product is t-shirt designs.
That's going to be tough fro some of us. The only band shirt I have was a gift, and I've never worn it. I don't wear t-shirts or hoodies, and I certainly don't care about plastering a band's art on myself.
That's because you don't like metal. But at least you get to look good by not wearing that hideous crap. I hope you enjoy employment and getting laid, because you'll be having plenty of both. Unfortunately your chances of becoming a reality TV show stars through a show about hoarding useless junk are non existent.

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