Re: King Diamond Tour

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-11-14 18:39:33
In Reply To:Re: King Diamond Tour by BenMech
King's set was great but only 1h20m.

Uncle Acid was not my cup of tea at all (stoner rock).

Didn't catch Idle Hands.
Should have caught IH, but you would have hated them.
Idle Hands sounded good, but I think Gabe needs to up his frontman game. I think it's his intention to stand still and brood, but the rest of the guys move around enough that it makes him look lazy, ha ha!

They stayed at my house after the KD show in Philly. Every band leaves something behind - Idle Hands left a bag full of oranges and walnuts. Make of that what you will. Really nice dudes, though!

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