Re: PMX2 THORSDAY SOUNDOFF - Remember Remember First Week ov Novembre

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-11-07 17:49:56
In Reply To:PMX2 THORSDAY SOUNDOFF - Remember Remember First Week ov Novembre by BenMech
One thing -
I will give it a listen!
Toby Driver uploaded the maudlin of the Well's first trve kvlt demo on his BAndcamp page.
Cool! Thanks for the tip!
Everyone was right about Chameleons's Script of the Bridge
All of their albums are great.
new Voyager Albvm is Shiny and Smooth as Glass. It's also just as memorable.
Their odd-number albums are never as good as the even-number albums that surround them. It's true! I haven't heard the new one, though.
and I had an itch for 2 big Black Metal AntiEverything troublemakers - Deathspell Omega's newest and Gaahls Wyrd. Both are High Quality, but I'm rarely going to go back to them.
Yeah, the DO is cool, but they get less memorable on each release.

My schtuff:

Enditol - Enditol. One of the only truly great albums to come out of the whole djent movement, and the best thing Sacha Laskow has done to date. Super glad I got the CD when it was in print!

Electrocution 250 - Electric Cartoon Music from Hell. This should be better. Lalle Larsson, Peter Wildoer, and Todd Duane, three seriously amazing players, attempt something like Spastic Ink style goofy tech metal, but the songs just aren't very good. There are for sure many moments of total musical insanity, though. I'm glad I own this, but I never really enjoy listening to it.

Emerald Steel - Emerald Steel. Fairly crummy US power metal from FL. There are a couple good tunes, and the singer can be good, but this is really the sort of thing that is probably best left to professional collectors-of-junk like me.

Forbidden - Twisted Into Form. Persevere! Holding out! Make it eeeeennnnnnnn-nnnnnnnnnn-nnnnnnnnnnn-nnnnnnndddddd!

Ansur - Warring Factions. I love this so fucking much! Sadly, they basically broke up after this remarkable album. Supposedly the main dude and also the bassist had started a new, more melodic and progressive band, but nothing's come of that so far.

Gorefest - False. The best Dutch death metal album.

Look What I Did - Sympathy Porn. New short EP from these insaniacs from TN. LWID are hard to describe, but for a start, imagine Miss Machine era DEP attempting an early Thought Industry tribute. They can be really abrasive, but I've always dug 'em, and I appreciate their extreme politics.

Big Country - The Crossing. One of the best albums of the 80s! I like the version I have, which includes the excellent Wonderland EP.

Grudge - Barbarians of the New Earth. Cheap metalsploitation release from NY band in the 80s. Sounds kinda like shitty WASP demos with a drum machine. But, for all that, it's still kind of fun, if you like idiotic old metal.

Geoda - Firebreak, Here and Now. Awesome melodic death metal from Argentina. Steve DiGiorgio is on the new one (Here and Now).

Lavett - Find Your Purposes. Dan Heiman's post-Heed band. I had never heard the whole album, but the songs I had heard were not good. But this is... okay? It's definitely metal, in a poppy ProgPower kind of way, and Heiman sounds awesome, as always. Not the best stuff, but really it's decent if you're a Heiman fanboy like me. I'm still looking for a CDR or lossless rip of that 2007 Heed demo, though!

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