I was thinking, isn't Kyle technically a murderer for closing down the pub?

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2019-11-05 07:12:31
Edited:2019-11-05 07:13:40
In Reply To:Kyle! Kyle! He's posting Pub material here instead of that site no one uses! DESTROY HIM! by Crumpet Ogler
It might sound extreme, but hear me out.

The pub contained some very invaluable and life saving information written by Nick concerning his very specific type of cancer. His posts on this topic had tens of thousands of views, with visitors coming in from all over the world wide web. The relevance of this information stretched far beyond the little community of the 5 monkey tribes. Now, it's all gone! Future generations afflicted with this terrible condition who Google for information will not be able to find what Nick had been able to contribute to the world thanks to his extraordinary amount of money. Information that no commoner could possibly ever uncover by themselves. What if people die due to this lack of medical information?

Does this count as murder? I think so. And I'm quite intelligent. It's mass murder of helpless cancer patients. All this death of innocent people, just to protect Ben. It's really quite revolting when you look at this objectively.

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