Re: Agreed (nt)

Author:Mark P.
Date:2019-10-28 23:50:50
In Reply To:Nope. Try again (nt) by BenMech
For rock: Graveyard - Lights Out

There are two rock bands that have stood above all others, for me, this decade; Graveyard and Halestorm. So the choice came down to which band had that one album that was even a notch above themselves. As much as I love Lzzy, I'm just as happy with any one of three of their four albums. I can't say that same thing about Graveyard. "Lights Out" is 'the' Graveyard album. It is the perfect summation of this decade's fad with bands replicating the sounds of old-school classic rock. I haven't heard a single instance of it done better than this. The simplicity is genius, and I love how natural the production sounds. It's pure rock and roll.

For metal: Soen - Lykaia

No metal band did more to impress me than Soen did. They grew, developed, and got better with each album. "Lykaia" was everything I wanted from a modern metal album. As I have said before, it captured the sound I was hoping Opeth would explore when they ditched death metal. Soen is deep, rhythmically tricky, but still melodic in ways that are subtly hook-laden. It felt like an evolution of metal, a step forward from the one-note deliveries of Meshuggah-inspired djent. While nearly everything that was promoted in the genre as being 'big' or 'important' failed to excite me, Soen did.

The thing about it is, though, I'm not yet sure that with a bit more time "Lotus" won't overtake it as an even better encapsulation of everything Soen is. Everything I said holds true for both records, but for right now I'll go with the one that surprised me with its greatness more.
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