Re: How are we feeling about the new Leprous album?

Date:2019-10-25 15:33:45
In Reply To:How are we feeling about the new Leprous album? by DaveG
I'm pretty split so far. I liked all of the singles and certainly don't mind the lack of heaviness and herky jerky riffs, but there's a few songs that just seem to meander into oblivion. The sequence of tracks 2, 3, and 4 is particularly difficult to get through. Maybe they'll grow on me.
The singles are bad.
I listened to Alleviate, and then I heard Borknagar's "Voices". Bork and Lars do what Einer is trying to do. Einer's just completely lost touch that he's part of a band instead of some Norway's Got Talent vocal melisma shop for Acne-prone teens

Still some high quality stuff here and I truly do appreciate bands taking risks and not rehashing what they know works best for them, but sometimes the experiments don't work that well either.
Except they didn't make high quality stuff. This isn't risk. It's radio-friendly-unit-shifting logic. Plus, this rehashes the same nonsense as Coal and Congregation and Melina.
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