Re: How Much New Music Can You Listen To?

Date:2019-10-25 08:19:16
In Reply To:Re: How Much New Music Can You Listen To? by Nosferatwo
I think I have ~80 albums that I like so far this year. Not many of the ones I like I listen to more than 10 times in a month, and some of them may not even get 10 spins during the year.
Difference in mindset, I suppose. When we get to the end of the year, and we start talking about the albums we like the most, I don't think I can say I like something if I've only listened to it five times. That doesn't feel like enough time spent with one to judge it.
I mostly agree with your mindset. I doubt any album would make my top 20 without having several spins. But some types of music are demanding and requires full attention, so an album that I listened to while focused on it twice might be better digested and known that one I've had spinning 10 times while doing other activities.
There's a lot of albums I'll listen to and find pleasant, but I never feel any pull to listen to again. I'm not going to say I 'like' those, even if they were enjoyable. I put my standard for each tier higher than that.
I've only heard the new Evergrey twice, and while I liked/enjoyed it somewhat, I don't have the need to listen to it again. It won't make my top 20, but I still liked it.
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