Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 24 October

Author:Kevin Madden
Date:2019-10-25 04:11:15
In Reply To:PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 24 October by Brian Taylor
Inglorious - Road to Nowhere
Dude can sing. The material is hit and miss, but I suppose mostly hit. I can dig it.

Last Crack - The Uprising
Still kind of working my way through it. It's not Burning Time, but then again, what is?

Opeth - In Cauda Venenum
Some good tunes and some snoozers. I don't like it as much as Sorceress, but it's not terrible.

Alter Bridge - Walk the Sky
I like it better as a whole than I did as prerelease tracks in isolation, but it's no Fortress or ABIII.

Vanden Plas - The Ghost Xperiment
This is actually really good. Better than anything they've done in a while.

Helloween - United Live in Madrid
I can't help smiling when I listen to this. It really seems like they enjoyed doing this reunion tour thing. Wish I could have seen it. I think the Blu Ray comes out through Amazon pretty soon.

Ray Alder - What the Water Wants
Another release where the "singles" that came before did not strike me as very good, but the record as a whole is more impressive. It's not Fates. It's not even Engine, but it's not too bad.

Flying Colors - Third Degree
Yeah, it's pretty boring.

Ron Jarzombek - Solitarily Speaking...
I never really listened to this much when I got it years ago, but just ripped a bunch of "new" cds to my laptop. He's a genius, but doubt I'll be spending much time with this.
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