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Date:2019-10-25 00:09:39
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I may have asked you before, but I can’t recall. If you’d be so kind, would you list for me your five favorite Legendary Pink Dots albums? Or at least the beat five records with which to start the journey.
And what a journey too!
So I’d start with Any Day Now and The Golden Age. My fave from their 80s period. Very trippy, gothic/new wavey overtones, tons of violin...also some of their best songs (Hotel Noir is easily my fave LPD song).
Follow that up with Hallway of the Gods and Nemesis Online. This is them at their spaciest and most also sheds a lot of the intensely experimental tendencies of the preceding few albums, making the songs, as strange and otherworldly as they are, very catchy and memorable. I remember listening to Hallway while on a moderate dose of mushrooms, and it was truly an experience like no other...
Probably The Maria Dimension for #5, very proggy and experimental, but not overly so, really ties together their 80s and 90s eras.

Album-wise, here are my top 5

1. Hallway of the gods
2. Any day now
3. Nemesis online
4. The golden age
5. From here we’ll watch the world go by

Enjoy! Don’t sleep on early Tear Garden either. Their first 2 LPs are terrific, and very much in line with LPD.
Thanks, dude!!

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