Re: How Much New Music Can You Listen To?

Date:2019-10-24 15:31:46
In Reply To:How Much New Music Can You Listen To? by Nosferatwo
I was mentioning on the Power Zone board that I felt overwhelmed by how much notable music there was to get through in October, only to be reminded that I don't listen to nearly as many albums in a given time-frame as a lot of people do. I don't know how they do it.

I've said before, I don't see any way I could properly judge forty or fifty albums in a month, let alone every month. Throwing aside the crap is easy, but to really get a sense of which ones I love, and which ones are pleasant but inessential, I need to give them a good number of listens. Each of my favorites at the end of every month I will have spun at least ten times.

There's not enough time in my day to give that kind of attention to more than one or two good ones per week. The only way I could is if I do nothing but listen to new music all day, every day. I can't do that, nor do I want to. I average around three albums throughout the course of a day, so if I'm going to give the good ones enough spins to feel good about judging, and still fit in older ones when the mood strikes me, there isn't space for me to listen through to another thirty records in a month.

I'll listen to a bunch of singles or samples, but if I don't hear anything that tells me the record will either be good, or at least interesting in some fashion, I'm going to set it aside. I have other things I want to do besides sift through average albums.

So how many albums do you listen to?
I probably really like 5-10 albums a month, while I have no idea how much I check out, as I often only give 1-2 songs a go before discarding it. I think I have ~80 albums that I like so far this year.
Not many of the ones I like I listen to more than 10 times in a month, and some of them may not even get 10 spins during the year.
I listen to music 1-8 hours a day (often, but not always, depending on the amount of meetings or other activities in a workday), and not all of it new, but I don't think I have any issues with time.
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