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Date:2019-10-24 14:09:04
In Reply To:Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 24 October by BenMech
Fear Inoculum works in the same ballpark as APSoG or LoDDoD or Crimson (1 or 2) in that the full album feels like one song arbitrarily segmented out into tracks. With that in mind, This is a fascinating well played mature artwork, even when you get lost in the weeds of the segments.

Borknagar's Trv North was not released in 5.1 multichannel THX sound. That is egregious. Otherwise, Bravo Oystein for finally pairing good recording with the right musicians and vocalists (As much as I love Simen/Vortex, the end track "Voices" features keyboardist Lars, also in Solefald). Voices is also the song that Leprous is trying to make with their new failed singles.

Opeth's In Cauda Venenum is a top heavy mess, but the most interesting song (not the best song on the album however) is a Piano Bar torch ballad they called "The Garrator" (or whatever in Swedish). I can't think of another Death Metal vocalist aside from perhaps Dan Swano who would go so far outside his origin point to test his mettle. I wanna know where Mikael goes from here. Btw, So glad he got that divorce nonsese out of the way which made Sorceress so obnoxious.

Ray (Please Don't call him Adler) Alder's What The Water Wants is the Bassline played by Michael Abdow on the single "Crown of Thorns". The rest of the album hasn't floated into my bloodstream quite yet. The Road is a nice touch for an acoustic bonus track.
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