Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 3 October

Author:Brian Taylor
Date:2019-10-05 00:04:48
In Reply To:Re: PM:X2 Thorsday Soundoff - 3 October by Matt Johnsen
Def Leppard - Pyromania. Die hard the hunter, man.
But it's too late for love when you have stagefright!
Dream Tröll - Quest for Steel. I love this band. So silly, but so good at what they do, and fairly original to boot. No small feat for a new power metal band in the late teens!
I still have to get this. Hell, I still have to actually listen to Second to None past the advance songs.

The New Pornographers - In the Morse Code of Brake Lights. Good, but very samey. Carl Newman just hasn't been himself since after Together. Maybe it's marriage and fatherhood?
Listening to this one for the first time now. Not super-enthusiastic about it so far, but I do like "Colossus of Rhodes" more out of the box than anything on Whiteout Conditions. All those big swooping strings at least make the song sound like it's looking higher than its own navel.
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