Re: Some upcoming albums I've been listening to:

Date:2019-10-02 15:32:13
In Reply To:Some upcoming albums I've been listening to: by Nosferatwo
Flying Colors - Third Degree

The middle-aged prog people sound more middle-aged than ever. This is a boring run through their usual tropes, without any of the spark from the first album. Between this and Neal Morse's last two albums (one prog, one singer-songwriter), I'm finally worried he's running low on good ideas. I'm definitely worried he and Stolt have nothing for the new Transatlantic they're working on right now.
I agree. I don't "worry" about bad albums, but the songs I've heard from Third Degree are not inspiring or exciting.

Michael Monroe - One Man Gang

I absolutely love "Blackout States", so this had a lot to live up to. While it isn't quite at that level, it's just a hair below. Michael's band has been on a roll, and they're making some ass-kicking old-school rock n' roll. It's gritty, and catchy, and a lot of fun. One of my favorite records of the whole year.
Haven't listened to this but he was great live a couple years ago.
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