Some upcoming albums I've been listening to:

Date:2019-10-02 14:27:19
Flying Colors - Third Degree

The middle-aged prog people sound more middle-aged than ever. This is a boring run through their usual tropes, without any of the spark from the first album. Between this and Neal Morse's last two albums (one prog, one singer-songwriter), I'm finally worried he's running low on good ideas. I'm definitely worried he and Stolt have nothing for the new Transatlantic they're working on right now.

Michael Monroe - One Man Gang

I absolutely love "Blackout States", so this had a lot to live up to. While it isn't quite at that level, it's just a hair below. Michael's band has been on a roll, and they're making some ass-kicking old-school rock n' roll. It's gritty, and catchy, and a lot of fun. One of my favorite records of the whole year.

Eclipse - Paradigm

My impression is that Nordic Union is bleeding into Eclipse, and I love that. This sounds a bit more restrained, a bit less joyous than the previous Eclipse albums. I'd say it's probably my favorite of theirs so far. Excellent stuff.

Lacuna Coil - Black Anima

This one's weird. The writing isn't great, but there's something with how the melodies fit in the production that makes the whole thing sound overbearing, yet utterly fogettable. Nothing at all stands out about this one. I thought the last couple were solid, but this isn't doing anything for me.

Life Of Agony - The Sound Of Scars

I'm getting a serious Scott Weiland vibe from Mina these days. I kept hearing STP listening to this. It's actually a solid record, but it doesn't sound one iota like the sequel to "River Runs Red" it's supposed to be. I don't see how a sequel can be made twenty years down the line and sound natural.
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