Date:2019-09-27 13:54:24
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 09/26 by Michael Blevins
Michael Blevins proclaimed:
Blind Guardian - Imaginations From the Other Side

Definitely *is* the best thing they ever recorded.

See, those guys were MY band then, but I thought this was a step down - not in terms of production, there it was certainly an upgrade, but my favorite record by them was/is "Somewhere far Beyond". That to me was was/is their pinnacle, followed by "Tales..." and "Follow the Blind."

Jeff Beck Group - Truth

What the first Led Zep album wanted to be when it grew up.
Kewl. I like "Beck-ola" more, but yeah:)

Jag Panzer - The Age of Mastery

Probably the best band at ProgPower, and this record is hard to argue with.
No joke live.

Anthrax - Persistence of Time

I never really got into this when it came out, because all the songs sound like minimal variations of the same riff. Still, not as bad as I remembered, and of course has one of the greatest cover tunes ever on it.
I liked alright it when it came out.
Michael Schenker Group - Assault Attack

Great album, but imagine how good it could have been with a little less cocaine...
I don't know; it's probably my favorite along with the first one, and , like with VH "Fair Warning," if coke had anything to do with it, I say more coke:) Bowie and Co. have said that their recollections of "Station to Station" sessions are completely clouded by the mountains of blow involved, but the result is so spellbinding, I say whatever, good deal:)
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