Re: Hades/Primordial

Date:2019-09-21 18:15:05
Edited:2019-09-21 18:19:10
In Reply To:Re: Hades/Primordial by Loudblast
Loudblast proclaimed:

Hades - ...again shall be
Primordial - to the nameless dead
I worship that Hades record.

Cheers, brother,


A great record, yeah! Met someone in Norway wearing the shirt!!
Very nice!
Veeeeeery nice! :)
On that subject, Primordial were one of the show-stealers at this year's Beyond the Gates, agreed by most to have upstaged -or at the very least hold their own against Emperor, whom they had to follow. On top of being expertly played and passionately sung, it was astonishingly earnest and whole-hearted. Alan Averill really delivered.
By all accounts, Alan is the real frigging deal. And seems to be a really bright, interesting guy, to boot. Not enough of those in this world, that’s for sure.

I second or third that, it's all true, awesome down-to-earth real person. AND he LoveS Cirith Ungol :D :D We met first at Frost & Fire II in 2016, bonded over mutual love for the band, and Alan made a mistake (several, hahaha) trying to argue Ungol trivia with me, thus losing a bunch of drink. He still owes me at least one shot from then, but after their Beyond the Gates I've annulled all debts:) We've ran into each other since, but I've never seen his band before then, and it was impossible not to recognize the heartfelt conviction and the musical integrity, mind-glowingly impressive.

Cheers and happy weekend, man,

You too, dude! My weekend is stacked:
Thursday- ZZ Top/Cheap Trick out in Long Island
last night - Immolation/Blood Incantation in Queens
tonight - King Crimson at Radio City NYC; then catching up with Immolation fellas again in Brooklyn
tomorrow - Metalucifer in Brooklyn
and maybe, MaybE, Monday Kataklysm/Exhorder/Krisiun in Brooklyn
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