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Date:2019-09-20 17:45:25
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff by killed_by_the_tech
killed_by_the_tech proclaimed:
Da fuck already, yo

For the last time, the name's Plissken. PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff
Yup, yup:)
ZZ Top were just jaw-droppingly good. Absolutely fucking BADASS. I had this enourmous The=Man-Who=Laughs grin from ear to ear the whole time. Frank Beard had maybe two minor slips, but not nearly of McBrain magnitude. Dusty Hill was always on the money and right on. Of course, the MVP star was Billy Gibbons, whose playing was beyond reproach. His playing always un the pocket, full of surprising slides and bends, and more tasty and cool than almost anything I've ever seen. He was the boss.
A shame that they never play any deep cuts, but I guess folks want to hear the hits. "Nasty Dogs & Funky Kings," "Precious & Grace," "Master of Sparks," anything off Tejas.
I was happy to hear "Pearl Necklace":) But, yeah, no doubt.
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