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Date:2019-09-20 13:45:10
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Aegonia - The Forgotten Song
Thoughtful folk metal from Bulgaria with all vocals in English. This is a concept album based on a story I’m not familiar with. The clean vocals are nice and the extreme vocals are some of the least offensive I’ve ever heard — more like a husky whisper than anything Sesame Street. The singers have accents, but not egregious ones, and honestly the Dracula flavor of the accents kind of adds to the whole experience. A really strong debut album, IMO.
It reads like you're describing an Eastern European Agalloch, or a Novembre with folk elements. I'm interested.
LEAH - The Quest
Enya meets Evanescence, more or less. Pretty cool vocal-driven symphonic folk metal that makes some interesting melodic and harmonic choices. Not afraid to go soft, and not afraid to bust out a rip-roaring guitar solo either. Vocals are all clean and lovely.
I keep seeing advertisements for her in my FB feed. It looks like the kind of thing I would like, though I haven't ventured more than a song or two from her older album.
Iron Maiden - The Book Of Souls
The second-best album of the reunion era behind A Matter Of Life And Death.
AMOLAD is better than Brave New World?
Judas Priest- Nostradamus
I dig it. Sue me.
Me too although I've only listened to it a handful of times.
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