Re: Thursday. Playlists. Thread.

Author:Kevin Madden
Date:2019-09-20 00:44:22
In Reply To:Thursday. Playlists. Thread. by BenMech
Rob Rock - Voice of Melodic Metal - Live in Atlanta
I was there, yet I still bought this. Good enough, I guess.

Iron Maiden - En Vivo
Not as good as the show I saw a couple of weeks ago in Portland. Maiden are bringing it this tour! Snoozed through the nepotism-disguised-as-opening-act.

Stratovarius - Polaris
Not sure why I listened to this.

Soundgarden - King Animal
Hard to believe this was already 7 years ago.

Circus Maximus - Havoc in Oslo
Noticed they have a new live album out, Nine Live, which led me to revisit this one. No need to buy the new one. Maybe just get the tracks not represented here?

Dead Soul Tribe - A Murder of Crows
Not too shabby.

Queensyche - The Verdict
I like it

Tad Morose - Chapter X

Magic Pie - Fragments of the Fifth Element
I like this, too. Still hard to believe this is Erik Hawk from Artch singing.
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