Re: Thursday. Playlists. Thread.

Date:2019-09-19 18:57:35
In Reply To:Thursday. Playlists. Thread. by BenMech
The worst Green Carnation album even if Loudblast likes a song from it,
I don’t disagree with the Rick Astley comparison either...
Still, there’s only one Green Carnation album I actually need

This week...

Chelsea Wolfe - birth of violence
Disillusion - the liberation
Hades - ...again shall be
Meads of asphodel - running out of time doing nothing
Agalloch - pale folklore
Falls of rauros - patterns in mythology
Forgjord - illestykset
The great old ones - tekeli-li
Primordial - to the nameless dead
Weakling - dead as dreams
The nephilim - zoon
Empyrium - of moors and misty fields
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