Re: The Battle of L'Amour: Cannibal Corpse edition

Date:2019-09-10 13:10:51
In Reply To:a short Green Day piece reminded me that I was born too late for rock's "dangerous" era by Mark
This was a good one: I'm guessing that was maybe 2000, so I believe it was with God Dethroned and Hate Eternal. Massive fight: skinheads vs Mexicans, maybe two dozen people beating the fuck out of each other. I think it broke out in between the sets, before Cannibal: skinheads definitely started it. I fought on the Mexican side, haha: my wife at the time was from Puebla. Some skin got me pegged wrong and I guess he sieg heiled me, so he got dropped :D Skins didn't stand a chance, cause as all known, Mexicans converge in packs of 30 :D Two of my friends, who look like huge skinheads, but weren't part of the fray, got jumped by like five Mexicans by mistake, and I had to help them make their way out of that mess, so it looked like I was just fighting everyone on both sides, haha. Security opted not to interfere...The club was about to stop the night altogether and empty the club twice, threatening over the PA that the band would not play if the shit didn't stop, but, of course, no one listened to them, and the show eventually went on.
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