Re: The Bolt Thrower Massacree of '91

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-09-10 12:48:41
In Reply To:Re: The Bolt Thrower Massacree of '91 by Rob.K
How was Sacrifice<<<<<-I remmeber this tour but it didnt come to Toronto!!
I knew of Sacrifice and Believer at the time, and had heard them both, but I didn't own any of their stuff. I remember thinking both bands were cool, and I very specifically remember Kurt's hair, ha ha!

The next time I saw Sacrifice was opening for Gorefest and Death in 1994. Rob blew up his amp AND the backup amp, and their set was cut short after like 25 minutes. Before they played, he signed a cassette of Apocalypse Inside, and I still have that in the archives somewhere.

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