The Bolt Thrower Massacree of '91

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-09-10 05:50:16
Edited:2019-09-10 05:52:36
In Reply To:a short Green Day piece reminded me that I was born too late for rock's "dangerous" era by Mark
I saw Bolt Thrower at G. Willikers in Pennsauken, NJ in June of 1991. I was 17 at the time. The openers were Sacifice and Believer, and one of the locals was Mortal Decay, who are still a going concern. This place was a dive, and in the early 90s, skinheads were still a big problem in the Philadelphia area. The skins were causing trouble all night, and the place finally erupted 30 minutes into Bolt Thrower's set. The pit turned into a battleground. The PA went off, but the band kept playing for a while. I was trying to get away, as I had been right up front on the stage, but more or less against a wall, with one of the PA stacks next to me. Then Karl Willetts jumps off the little stage to punch a Nazi. It was fucking crazy! My friend and I, who had been at this club for like 6 hours at this point, made it outside, but before we did, I saw a skinhead clubbing a guy on the floor in the head, over and over. It was scary. We got to my dad's truck that I had borrowed, and only just got out past a barricade the cops were setting up. The whole thing was insane. I still have two shirts I got at that show, as well as some stickers that I got everyone in Bolt Thrower to sign. Almost 30 years ago. Damn!

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