My picks:

Date:2019-09-09 14:58:01
In Reply To:Now that Tool is out, what's left we're excited about this year? (nt) by Nosferatwo
The three big ones for me are:

Michael Monroe - One Man Gang

His last album was fantastic, and so was the one-off song on his greatest hits collection. The two singles so far sound great, so his band has really found a groove. Should be some great, fun rock.

The Dark Element - Songs The Night Sings

Another one where the last album was great, and so is the single they shared for this one. I'm excited, since I really like Anette, and it's nice to see her have a project to show the Nightwish problems were all on Tuomas.

Dream State - Primrose Path

I think this is the most anticipated for me, even though they aren't really my normal thing. Their last EP was really good, and all three singles for this are way better, so this could be one of the two or three best albums of the year, if the rest holds up.

I'm also interested in:

Alter Bridge - Walk The Sky

Sounds like they're going back to more of an "ABIII" sound, which is my favorite record of theirs. They make a better rock band than a metal one.

Eclipse - Paradigm

I actually prefer Erik's songs in Nordic Union, but the singles for this have a bit more of that sound, so perhaps this will be the Eclipse album that finally grabs me.

And I've already heard this:

Ray Alder - What The Water Wanted

Really good. It's great to hear Ray again singing something more melodic than Fates Warning. His voice just has something to it.
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