Date:2019-09-07 20:06:40
In Reply To:Re: D&W/Lizzy Borden/Tyr by BenMech

Are you going to King Crimson in Radio City on Saturday?
Much depends on paycheck day this week.
I am going to a concert you probably aren't . . Big Wreck at Gramercy Theater on Sept 19th.
No, 'fraid not.

Here's my menu for the next few months so far:
Sept 20, 2019: Immolation, Blood Incantation, Blackthorn 51, Elmhurst, NY
Sep 21, 2019: King Crimson, Radio City Music Hall, NY
Sep 22, 2019: Metalucifer, Brooklyn Bazaar, NY
Oct 4, 2019: Crypt Sermon, Magic Circle, St. Vitus, NY
Oct 31, 2019: Blue Oyster Cult, UFO; St. George Theatre, St. Island, NY
Nov 4, 2019: Nile, Terrorizer, Gramercy, NY
Nov 7, 2019: King Diamond, King’s Theater, NY
Nov 15, 2019: Mortician, Funerus, Sacrificial Blood, St. Vitus, NY
Dec 1, 2019: Atheist, Cattle Decapitation, Le Poisson Rouge, NY
Dec 14, 2019: Morbid Angel, Watain, Incantation, Warsaw, NY

I would have liked to hit up the Deep Purple show at the Beacon in October, but they want, like, 100 bucks for "normal" seats and are basically playing last year's set..."Who Do They Think They Are"??? :D :D :D
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