D&W live (plus Lizzy Borden and Tyr)

Date:2019-09-06 18:52:16
In Reply To:Colonel Schaffer by Matt Johnsen
Is it weird that the member of the band whose political affiliations would veer closest to the Fascist Nazi Right is the member who IS NOT German?

Also, Jon looked reallly uncomfortable on stage as an old fart. Maybe if there was a rocking chair left out for him.

Not sure how often Matt Barlow appeared at the other gigs,or if last night in NYC was a special thing (just for a verse of "I Died For You", one of two IE songs they did, along with Burning Times).

Also, Tyr had awful sound problems, and Lizzy Borden had bad songs but so many stupid costume changes, especially his "I am A Vorlon of Babylon 5" beginning
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