Date:2019-09-02 23:56:53
Edited:2019-09-03 00:05:21
In Reply To:Re: Back from Norway by Guillaume
Guillaume proclaimed:
Norway was fine when I visited last year for work (Trondheim).
Didn't see any show.
Only problem, everything is costly as hell, twice as what we're used to in North America... When I had to pay the equivalent of $50 for a pint of IPA and a burger with no fries, I was quite stunned...
This was my second time there; I went last year for Beyond the Gates as well. Norway is supposedly one of the most expensive countries in Europe, and everyone agrees on that. Nevertheless, beers were between 60 to 85 krone, so between 6-9.30 US; cup of coffee was about 20 kr = so 2.20 US. T-shirts were 200-250 kr. on average - so $22-28; a hoodie was490 kr. - around 50$. Bus ticket from Oslo to Kolbotn 59kr=$7, trolley from Bergen airport to city center - 38 kr=$4.20; long distance train ticket from Oslo airport to city center -109 kr=$12. Pretty close US prices. Anyway, I found a good way to combat this kind of problem, and that is not to shop at touristy places, and not to count money. Once you stop worrying how much it comes out to, everything is okay.
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