Back from Norway

Date:2019-09-02 15:33:02
Edited:2019-09-03 14:21:23
Best trip ever, 10+ days I was there - Bergen, Oslo, and Kolbotn. Beautiful country: great fest locations, great people, great everything. Great stories galore, hahaha. Turned 46 with Mysticum \m/\m/

BtG -

Primordial - best singer of either fest by far, possibly best sound/band, most heartfelt and sincere. They actually had to follow Emperor, closing Thursday night, which is no easy feat, but not only performed to a jam-packed house, but by everyone's admission have stolen the show!

Midnight - just ruled all around, great no bullshit real attitude, totally on fire, great guitarist. Were sharing their beers with audience <3

Candlemass - Johan Langquist \m/
Lucifer - were really excellent; most people didn't realize that was Nicke Andersson up there:)
Arcturus - played stuff off the 1st album; also off the 2nd one, but the debut stuff really stod out
Mayhem - closed the set with trv dethneklokult pre-De Mysteriis old shit
Emperor - was glad to hear old stuff off the 1st LP; played all of "Anthems..."

Marduk was all drums (akbeit excellent drums,) and singer pouring water on himself. 'Taint what is used ta be.


Mysticum - pure Planet Satan

Nocturnal Breed - sometimes loose and hokey, but definitely catchy and intense; first album stuff came off fun as hell; set off the fire alarm ::rotfl::
Nekromantheon - sounded like a Violent Force coverband :)
Filthdigger - set off the fire alarm first ::woot::
Foreseen - good hardcore crossover

Carpathian Forest - I really wanted to see them, and while it wasn't exactly what I hoped for, I enjoyed some older stuff. Too many covers, I thought
Cadaver was very tight, but kinda soulless and boring. Satyr was there watching them for a while, and I saw him walk out on them, hahaha.
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