Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 08/29

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-08-29 16:16:00
In Reply To:PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 08/29 by killed_by_the_tech
Kansas - Song for America
I only have Masque, Point of Know Return, and Leftoverture. Do I need this one, too?
King Crimson - Live in Mainz '74, Asbury Park '74, Shepherds Bush Empire '96
I refuse to get involved with King Crimson live albums. That's just asking for trouble.
Europe - s/t
People say good things about the first couple Europe albums, but they're just not for me, I guess.
Helstar - A Distant Thunder
I like Nosferatu better, but this is a close second! Wish they hadn't covered that Scorps tune.
Garden of Shadows - Heart of the Corona
Aw yeah
Mefitis - Emberdawn
I remember digging the word "mephitic" out of the thesaurus when I was writing lyrics for my high school death metal band. Pretty sure the word comes from Mefitis.

My shiz:

King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard - Infest the Rats' Nest. They psych rock of their earlier albums didn't really do much for me, but it's okay. This new one is billed as a thrash record, and I guess it basically is, although to me it sounds more like Mastodon trying to knock out a new Voivod album in a weekend. It's okay, but I think it's probably a lot more impressive to people who don't ordinarily listen to this kind of music.

Bobby Emmett - Learning Love. One of my powerpop faves.

Into Eternity - demo '97 (?)
Power of Omens - demo '96. Dug these out of the archives. I believe Rob K sent them to me around the time of the first Into Eternity album

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Rock Drill. Ordered it after von's post about it. Good album! I don't like the bluesiest numbers, but the proggy ones are awesome.

Metallica - And Justice for Jason. Came up while talking to John Frank. It still blows my mind that those assholes didn't produce a remix when they reissued this album. It sounds SO MUCH BETTER with bass!

Railway - Railway II. German metal of the germanest sort.

Violent Dirge - Elapse. Excellent 90s tech death from Poland. Think Atheist meets demo-era Cynic. I had both of their albums on tape, but someone finally reissued their debut. The second album was evidently reissued on CD in the early 00s on a small Ukranian label, but I have not been able to turn one up. I bet it'll also get reissued by Pagan Records (who did Elapse).

New Model Army - From Here. The new one. It's fine. NMA have been spinning their wheels for a while. It's better than the last one, but not as good as Between Wolf and Dog. Still great lyrics, however!

Judas Priest - Stained Class. When I want to hear old Priest, I almost always grab Sin After Sin. This one rarely calls to me, probably because the songs I know well, like Beyond the Realms of Death, Exciter, are just kinda played out, and I never liked the Spooky Tooth cover. But man, Saints in Hell is awesome, isn't it? I ended up really enjoying the listen, and will try to be more generous to this album in the future.

Joe Zawinul - Zawinul. I forget why, but I needed to chill out. This album is very chill.

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