Author:Michael Blevins
Date:2019-08-12 12:16:31
In Reply To:Re: by Matt Johnsen
Okay, so that was Dreaming Neon Black, then. I remember their set at Jaxx being great, although it's funny in retrospect that I thought, "How many fucking DNB songs are they gonna play?" Little did I know that they would literally never play a setlist that amazing again!
The setlist was good, the performance was crap. You're thinking of the show in June of '99, where they absolutely crushed and the setlist was insane, as documented here, from the next night in Richmond:

They were still better wtih AE than later in the year when I saw them with Mercyful Fate and they tried to play "The Learning" without having rehearsed it. It went about as well as you expect.

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