Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-08-08 15:33:51
In Reply To:Re: by von
Yeah, we did the Emperor show also, that was Witchery/Peccatum/ Borknagar and Emperor at Tramps in 99; that was very successful.
Oh yeah, Peccatum! What a dumb act! I loved that Emperor show. They were awesome, and Ihsahn was SUCH a baby! He threw a right proper temper tantrum on stage, kicking the monitor and pouting. It was great. But what I mainly recall was watching him and Samoth playing and thinking, "That's how that's played? Jesus, that looks hard!" Their playing seemed really counter-intuitive to me, and so many riffs looked WAY harder to play than they sounded. I've since come to specialize in that kind of riff, for obviously masochistic reasons, as you get no cred for riffs that don't SOUND hard to play!
Arch Enemy and Nevermore show was just them two.
Okay, so that was Dreaming Neon Black, then. I remember their set at Jaxx being great, although it's funny in retrospect that I thought, "How many fucking DNB songs are they gonna play?" Little did I know that they would literally never play a setlist that amazing again!

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