Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 08/07/19

Date:2019-08-08 14:13:26
In Reply To:Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 08/07/19 by Matt Johnsen
The Black Sea Project
Dig ye this incredible album?
Yes! Fantastic album. I wonder if Trey Spurance is a fan?
Darryl Hall - Sacred Songs
Didn't see this coming.
My main interest is the Fripp connection. It's an okay album.
Bennie Maupin - The Jewel in the Lotus. This was the album that really pulled me into the spacey, funky jazz of the 70s. I had Bitches Brew and Sextant before this, and I loved them, but those were my only albums like that until I heard this, and then I needed more and more. Bennie Maupin is the fucking tits.
Great album!
Kolkhöze Printanium - Kolkhöznitsa. This is the weirdest and probably best zeuhl-adjacent album I know of. Utterly fucked up.
Interesting. Will look into this.
Canvas Solaris - Chromosphere rough mix. This might be their best album ever! It's fucking INSANE. Also: their rough mix is better than most albums' final mixes. Jaime King is really good at what he does!
What I've heard is definitely insane. Gonna be their best work.

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