Re: PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 08/07/19

Author:Matt Johnsen
Date:2019-08-08 13:28:49
Edited:2019-08-08 13:30:13
In Reply To:PMX2 Thorsday Soundoff 08/07/19 by killed_by_the_tech
The Black Sea Project
Dig ye this incredible album?
Heldon - Stand By
My fave Heldon, definitely.
Disciples of Power - Invincible Enemy
I guess it's time, now that Vic has reissued all these DoP albums, to finally collect this band's discography.
Darryl Hall - Sacred Songs
Didn't see this coming.

My shiz:

The Police - everything. I listened to the entire Message in a Box set, plus the official live album, plus a few tracks I have lying around that weren't collected on the box set (I believe I own every un-collected track, but I haven't digitized them all.)

Skid Row - Slave to the Grind. This is for sure the only album I own where the best songs are ballads. Quicksand Jesus and Wasted Time are total masterpieces in my mind. The rest of the album is okay - certainly better than anything else they did. Bach really had a great voice back then.

Savage Grace - Master of Disguise, The Dominatress. I felt the need for speed.

Nuclear Assault - Survive. Not as good as Handle with Care, but very close!

Bennie Maupin - The Jewel in the Lotus. This was the album that really pulled me into the spacey, funky jazz of the 70s. I had Bitches Brew and Sextant before this, and I loved them, but those were my only albums like that until I heard this, and then I needed more and more. Bennie Maupin is the fucking tits.

Arch Enemy - Black Earth. As much as I hate Arch Enemy anymore, I still love the first couple albums to death, and I'd be lying if I said I wouldn't go see Black Earth (the band) if they came around. Fields of Desolation rules all, and the Angela version is bullshit. If they record another version with the blue-haired lady, I'm going to send a letterbomb.

Anathema - Alternative 4, Judgement (promo). The promo version of Judgement is different from the commercial release - it has a different running order and a bunch of samples which the band was evidently unable to clear for release. I wouldn't say it's really better (I think the commercial running order is superior) but it's interesting to pull this one out occasionally, because I know the proper release so well and listening to this brings back an element of surprise that I haven't been able to experience with this album otherwise in a very long time. As for Alternative 4, I didn't much care for it (aside from a few standout tracks) when it was released, but I've really come around on it.

Kick Axe - Rock the World. I wanted to hear We Still Remember, mainly, but the whole album rules.

Kolkhöze Printanium - Kolkhöznitsa. This is the weirdest and probably best zeuhl-adjacent album I know of. Utterly fucked up.

Joe Jackson - Look Sharp! Such a bitter asshole, this guy! This band was white hot, though. The first two albums are untouchable. The third one has its moments. Nothing after was even close to as good.

Decapitated - Nihility. Always a good time!

Canvas Solaris - Chromosphere rough mix. This might be their best album ever! It's fucking INSANE. Also: their rough mix is better than most albums' final mixes. Jaime King is really good at what he does!

Eric Dolphy - Out to Lunch! Batshit saxery. Also: bass clarinet, because it's the best woodwind.

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