Re: Insane deadly cd haul for free!!!!!!!!!!

Author:Troll's Hole
Date:2019-08-07 06:47:37
In Reply To:Insane deadly cd haul for free!!!!!!!!!! by Rob.K
Was visiting friends and Family in Regina,Sask and last night we were hanging cranking the Entombed live Clandestine show and he says you can take anything you want from the box

Heres just a few...

Evildead-The Underworld
Sadus-Swallowed in Black
Goguts-considered Dead
Defiance-Product of Society
Overthrow-Within SUffering(this fucker goes for $150 all day long)
Disciples of Power-Omninous Prophecy
Immolation-Dawn of Possession
Monstroisty-Imperial Doom
Macabre-Sinister Slaughter
Sinister-Diabolcial Summoninbg
Pestilence-Consuming Impulkse
Banished-Deleived me Unto pain
Nocturnus-The Key
Sorrow-Forgotten Sunsrise
Malelovent Creation-Stillborn
Dr Know-This Island Earth/Wrekcage in Flesh
MAssacra-Enjoy the Violence

Im stil;l in shock lol
Me too, that was an amazing deal! Imagine all the space he freed up, and he didn't even need to spend time and resources visiting the junk yard!

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