Date:2019-08-05 18:47:50
In Reply To:Re: by von
Just confirmed for Wacken Open Air as well.
Yeah, got 5 hours left to decide on going, haha.
I will catch the show at Copenhell, as I'm going to that every year anyways.
Leaning heavily towards seeing them at Copenhell over Wacken... Never been to Denmark yet, and I think that would be a better Fate set to see out of the two. My hope is that maybe Michael Denner will even make an appearance, being on the home turf and all. No tickets on sale as of yet, will be checking frequently; how much are they usually?
Copenhell will start to sell tickets in October. I don't know the exact date yet. I don't know about price, as the prices have inflated heavily over the last few years. My guess would be 200$ for the 3 day pass. More if you need camping, but as it is so close to Copenhagen many people actually go home/go to hostels. Wacken is most certainly the better deal if that's what you're after. I would also expect either Sweden Rock (Awesome festival) or Hellfest (never been) to book Mercyful Fate.

As for Denner, I've seen him make an appearance at a few shows with the King here, so it's not impossible. But yeah, it's always a treat to watch KD at home.
Have a blast at King Diamond!
Thanks! He is one of my favorite artists, so I'm really looking forward to it.
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