The Volbeat sell-out...

Date:2019-08-04 16:31:36
Edited:2019-08-04 16:32:57
In Reply To:August is a big month for big names: by Nosferatwo
I've been listening to the Volbeat album for a week or so, and it's not winning me over completely. Too much rehashing their old songs, and I'm not sure they know what direction they want to go anymore. It's good, but not one of their best, by any means.
The Volbeat is way too soft. It's like a diluted version of the Volbeat I used to like. There are 4-5 songs out of 16 that I enjoy. Call me really disappointed.
Well done for the style, which is soft hard rock with pop tendencies for the most part, with a bit of metal here and there, but not what I want to hear from them.
Pelvis On Fire and The Everlasting are the best songs by far. Cheapside Sloggers, Die To Live and Leviathan are OK. The rest, meh.
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