Re: Why are you still talking?

Date:2019-08-01 21:08:27
In Reply To:Re: Why are you still talking? by von
Do you need it spelled out? Mercyful Fate and King Diamond released albums and toured in parallel throughout the 1990s. On Metal Blade. With no issues. It's not an insurmountable or new problem in his context.
I'm not saying it is. But it's an odd choice to reactivate a band that hasn't been together in a long time, at a time when you keep saying you're hard at work on a new record. Sure, he can do both, logistically, but I still contend it's not a positive sign for that KD record that he's taking on other projects when he can't seem to finish the one he's been promising.

That is to say; yes, the KD album might still be coming out soon, and he can tour both bands, but no, this announcement doesn't give me any confidence that's about to happen.
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