Re: Well...

Date:2019-08-01 20:26:30
In Reply To:Re: Well... by BenMech
Labels and management have a say in this too. Lawyers and accountants.

You do know nothing is just thrown together by "magic", right? Or do you?
What are you going on about now? Of course it's all planned out.

I'm saying that I doubt his label would want him going out and playing shows with Mercyful Fate if the new King Diamond album just came out, or is just about to come out. They'd want him promoting that band, and that album.

It makes business sense to me that the KD album has to be released early in the year, so the KD touring can run through a leg before he does MF stuff, or it won't come out until after these reunion shows. Since there's been no indication of the former being feasible yet, it points me to the latter. It also makes me wonder if the album will ever exist.
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