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Author:Chris F5
Date:2019-08-01 20:11:03
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von proclaimed:
The absence of Michael Denner is most disheartening, though...I'm hopeful he still may take a break from running the record store and rejoin the group at some later junction, but that's probably some wishful thinking. I've seen them with both Denner and Wead, and, as good as Wead is, there is no replicating Denner/Shermann/Diamond chemisty. Incomplete as it is, I will still make an effort to see them.

BenMech proclaimed:
from facebook:

We will be playing an unspecified number of concerts throughout Europe during the summer of 2020, including COPENHELL.

It will be the “9” lineup, featuring:

Hank Shermann - Guitar

King Diamond - Vocals

Bjarne T Holm - Drums

Mike Wead - Guitar

with Joey Vera on the bass while Timi Hansen is away.

We asked Joey Vera (Armored Saint, Fates Warning) to fill in because he has a very unique style and sound playing with his fingers, much like that of Timi Hansen. This is very important, since the set list will only consist of songs from the very first “mini LP”, the “Melissa” album, and the “Don’t Break The Oath” album, plus some brand new songs written specifically in that very same style.

This will very much be Mercyful Fate as we were in the very beginning, except for a brand new major stage production.

See you at the Ruined Bridge.

Stay Heavy

Mercyful Fate
I saw the reunion tour(think it was 1993/4 ish I think )
Never saw the Wead version

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