King Goat ,,, thoughts?

Date:2019-07-31 21:35:18
Edited:2019-07-31 21:39:59
Am really enjoying "Conduit" (2016) and "Debt Of Aeons" (2018), Normally this type of minimalist, slightly proggy doom is not my thing. I prefer a fuller sound ... but they have one hell of a singer ... without him they would be nothing I suspect,

It is like the opposite of My Dying Bride .. i.e. weak vocals, exceptional backing support musically.

What "King Goat" do ... and probably WANT to do with a name like that is be some kind of 70's stoner, sludge outfit. Well, if that is the case ... you better get rid of that singer ... because he is pure Rock God.

In some ways they remind me of "Mourning Beloveth" from my own native land. One hell of a clean singer, almost too good for the weak music surrounding him.
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