Re: Happy Thorsday.What y'all got?

Date:2019-07-30 23:15:30
In Reply To:Re: Happy Thorsday.What y'all got? by Ilya
Ilya proclaimed:

Mare Cognitum / spectral lore - sol
Excellent choice!!!!
Yes! I haven’t even gotten to the Spectral Lore or the collabo track yet since I’ve been so enchanted with Mare Cognitum’s gigantic opener. Well, this song and the whole Phobos Monolith album. It’s interesting to compare his take on hypnotic cosmic esotericism to, say, Darkspace (who I love dearly as well). So much more beauty and emotion on display here...
If you dig Mare Cognitum then check out “An Extraconscious Lucidity”. Spectral Lore is excellent as well. I would recommend SL’s album’s “III” and “Sentinel”. Darkspace is killer stuff!!!!
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