Re: Happy Thorsday.What y'all got?

Date:2019-07-30 16:30:13
In Reply To:Re: Happy Thorsday.What y'all got? by killed_by_the_tech
Sulphur aeon - the scythe of cosmic chaos
What's your opinion? Kinda odd seeing a death metal album on your list.
It’s just blackened enough for my tastes haha
Perfectly bleak atmosphere, I love their sense of momentum, how they often build up to these immense, devastating climaxes... the hymnal/anthemic nature of the songs makes everything surprisingly catchy. Even the clean singing is great and wonderfully woven into the grand overall tapestry. Def feelin it!
Will you be hitting the Ornassi Pazuzu show in Oct?
Possibly, if I’m in town
The waste of space orchestra album is def another highlight of the year for me
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